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Handan Şimşek Turan, MD

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Handan Şimşek Turan , MD brings together beauty and aesthetics guided by science. With every touch, scientific excellence and aesthetic sensitivity take the forefront.


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Empowering Lives Through Surgical Excellence

To provide the highest level of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery services with the latest technology and scientific methods to improve the quality of life of each patient and restore their self-confidence.

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Making What’s Good Even Better

In each procedure, it presents a meticulously planned strategy to improve the current condition and achieve the best outcome. This section explains the surgical process in a simple and understandable manner.

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Restore. Rejuvenate. Rejoice

Best Staffs and Doctors

Meet our exceptional team of skilled doctors and staff committed to providing you with the highest quality care and support throughout your journey.

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Top-notch equipment for precise procedures. Ensuring the highest standards of safety and effectiveness.

10 Years of Experience

Decade-long expertise delivering exceptional care. Trust our seasoned professionals for your health needs.

Price to Quality

Value-driven excellence in every service. Experience quality care at competitive prices.

Op. Dr. H. Şimşek Turan

Plastic, Reconstructive and
Aesthetic Surgeon


Positive Review From Our Patients

Discover what our patients have to say about their experiences with us. Read positive reviews and testimonials from those who have entrusted us with their care.

My wife and I had upper eyelid surgery and we recovered quickly and were very pleased with the result. Op.Dr.Handan ŞİMŞEK TURAN's friendly, sincere and enlightening approach to her clients gives people confidence. In addition, timely check-ups of patients after surgery facilitate the recovery process. Thank you very much, thank you very much. From now on, I can easily entrust myself to you with your knowledge and skills in the interventions I want to have done and I can recommend you to everyone with all my heart. May you always have success.

Sebahat Esen May 2, 2024

It has been 8 months since I had breast reduction surgery. My process and my doctor's attention before and after were very good. I never had any pain. My recovery process went as my doctor told me. I'm glad my doctor is Handan. Thank you very much for your kindness and interest.

Sena Sahin April 19, 2024

Ms. Handan, I had breast reduction surgery on October 4, 2023. As I was going into my surgery, I was afraid that I would be in incredible pain. My lady said that I would never have pain, so I went into surgery and I never had any pain during the first two days of the surgery and until I recovered. I was able to meet with anyone on the phone or face to face at any time I wanted, which was very comforting for me. If I had an operation, I would go to the inn again. I strongly recommend him.

Nur Cengiz April 17, 2024

I first went to the doctor for advice on her recommendation. Right from this appointment she gave me a trustworthy impression so that I was so satisfied after my Hyoluron treatment on the lip contour and smile lines and my trust was gained. First of all, being understood then the result, which for me means success and competence. In all aesthetic matters I will always consult Dr. first. Get advice from Handan Simsek Turan.

Selen Üstüntas April 16, 2024

You are a wonderful doctor, Ms. Handan. He took the time to explain every detail and I felt in safe hands, I was very comfortable and it is a place I will always go to. Thank you for everything

Viji YILMAZ April 16, 2024

Doctor Handan, I'm glad our paths crossed. I've been thinking about this operation for years and never had the courage. But after seeing you, with the trust you gave me, I decided to have it done. From the day I came to you, including the post-op, I have not regretted a single moment, and it was great to see how my self-confidence was restored in your expert hands. I am not even mentioning your smiling face, your interest, and the answers you patiently gave to countless questions. I would like to thank you and Mrs. Meltem very, very much. I am glad to have met you❤️

Melek April 15, 2024

Mrs. Handan is my miracle. I had eyelid surgery with her. I researched this surgery for 2 years. I couldn't trust anyone. Finally, a relative recommended Mrs.Handan, I have investigated and decided to have it done. I'm so happy I can't explain it, the heaviness in my eyes has gone. Before, I was constantly sleepy and my eyes were constantly hurting. Visually, I looked 7 years younger. I feel more in peace with myself. Thank you very much again, Mrs. Handan, I'm glad to have you..

Hüseyin Turan April 15, 2024

I have a wonderful doctor in plastic surgery, a real expert. His dedication to his job and care for his patients are truly admirable. He made me feel comfortable every step of the way throughout my treatment process and the results are incredible. I am grateful to him and would recommend him to others without hesitation. I definitely felt like I was in the best hands.

Müge a April 8, 2024

Dr Handan Şimşek Turan is amazing. She was really friendly and made me feel comfortable and relaxed, and she talked me through my procedure step by step which put me at ease. The results of my precedure are absolutely brilliant so I would most definitely recommend Dr Handan Şimşek Turan and Hylia health.

Natalie Lightbody March 31, 2024

We love this wonderful doctor of ours very much. Everything comes out beautifully. He is very talented and talented. It continues to heal many people. ,♥️🙋‍♂️

Şaban Esen March 31, 2024
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